Mechanic Training

As a non-profit focused on community revitalization, we offer affordable, family friendly mechanic training courses.

Our Novice Bike Mechanic course is 3 weeks long and is run monthly on 3 consecutive evenings from 6:30pm-8pm. In this course, we cover tire and tube changes, and tuning brakes and gears. Training is very hands-on, and you are encouraged to bring your own bike to work on. All tools and supplies are provided. The course costs $40, tax included, to be paid in full on the first night.

More advanced courses are offered on specific topics, such as wheel truing, bearing overhaul, gear or brake overhaul, and modifying your bike. You can also learn these techniques for free, by volunteering as a mechanic at Rolling Horse.

If you are interested or have questions you can contact us through the website or email us at info[at] If the cost is not manageable please contact us.