Rolling Horse Community Cycle is a volunteer initiative that provides an opportunity for bike mechanics and burgeoning bike mechanics to share their skills with the community. 

Forestview Church provides staff support to the organization and development of Rolling Horse and we employ summer staff through Federal Government Student grants. If you would like to volunteer your bike mechanic skills, or gain some bike mechanic skills please contact us at info[at]



mike rooks rolling horse staff

Rob is our Head Mechanic and Shop Manager.  Rob is the consumate professional bike mechanic, always looking to enhance his repertoire of skills and tools.  He's also a fun, friendly face in the shop, always happy to teach you, one-on-one, what is wrong with your bike, and how to fix it.  Rob's love of music keeps the shop rocking, and the atmosphere upbeat.



mike rooks rolling horse staffMike is the Assistant Manager at Rolling Horse. He is a lifelong cycling enthusiast and advocate. He has toured on bikes since age 12, and raced in triathlons and on mountain bikes. Mike brings a long history of business leadership to Rolling Horse, and believes the world would be a kinder, better place if everyone drove less and rode more. .