Rolling Horse Community Cycle is a volunteer initiative that provides an opportunity for bike mechanics and burgeoning bike mechanics to share their skills with the community.  ForestView Church provides staff support to the organization and development of Rolling Horse and we hope to have some summer staff through a Federal Government Student grant. If you would like to volunteer your bike mechanic skills, or gain some bike mechanic skills please contact us at info[at]


burlington-ontario-bikes-staff-paul-millarPaul enjoys organizing people to use their God given talents to serve the community.  When he recognized the bike mechanic talent around him, the idea which became Rolling Horse was born.  Paul is married to Elizabeth, has five wonderful kids and he enjoys mountain biking and being outdoors with this family.


staff ryan 50Ryan is the seasonal shop manager at Rolling Horse. He is artist and is passionate about getting more people on bikes. In particular he loves hands on education and community building through working together.