Our History

Rolling Horse Community Cycle started out in 2010 as a group of mechanics from ForestView Church visiting geared to income neighbourhoods and repairing bicycles for children, youth and adults.  We continue to do this, though we have grown.

In 2012 we based our operations out of Next Door Social Space in Aldershot.  From here we were able to offer drop in bike repair to community members in a storefront atmosphere while also providing a space for people to volunteer as bike mechanics and to build their own skills. 

1n 2013 we expanded our offerings out of Next Door Social Space, keeping more regular hours and employing a summer intern mechanic.  Bikes were sold at an affordable price instead of given away as a means of returning dignity back to the customer, allowing them to know that their dollars contributed towards more bikes being refurbished for more people.  Meanwhile, we hosted our first Youth Mechanic Training Program and continued to go into the Halton Region Housing sites to host free repair clinics.

In 2014 we were able to provide more refurbished bikes to more people and expanded our youth mechanic program possible through a 3 way agreement between Rolling Horse, Halton Region and Kerr Street Ministries.

In 2015 we will continue operating out of Next Door Social Space on Wednesdays and Saturdays and have a full roster of community repair clinics lined up.