Bicycle Repairs

Rolling Horse Community Cycle offers a basic tune up at $40 or do it yourself repairs at a $15 annual membership fee.

Basic Tune-Up

Tune-up- $40
  • Safety inspection
  • Assessment of all cables and housing
  • Adjustment of front and rear deraileurs
  • Adjustment of brakes
  • Lubrication of chain
  • Tightening of headset and hubs


Price does not include replacement brake pads, cables, housing, tubes, tires and other parts.

Fix it Yourself

Membership - $15 Annual Fee

If you would like to work on your own bike accessing our tools and repair stands you can become a member of Rolling Horse Community Cycle.  Memberships costs $15 per year and you can work independently or with mechanic support. Access to stands and tools are during hours of operation and on a first come first serve basis.  We don’t have a lot of rules around this but do ask people to respect the right for others to also have access to the stands and tools.